The West Oakland photo lab that housed a massive marijuana farm


By Maya Mirsky

Four arrests have been made in connection with a large pot-growing operation discovered by police in West Oakland on Oct. 9, the Drug Enforcement Agency said today.

The pot bust was one of the largest in history – and followed another even larger, but unrelated bust, at a house in East Oakland the previous day.

The four men arrested on state drug charges in the West Oakland incident are Jackson Wong, 23, Kevin Lieu, 28, Eric Tran, 32, and Joey Tran, 25.

All four of the men were released from the Glenn E. Dyer Detention Facility on Oct. 11 after having each posted $60,000 in bail.

Oakland police officers discovered the operation, which was disguised as a photo lab on a mixed industrial and residential street, when they smelled marijuana. The four arrests were made when police searched the location.

Agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency assisted in dismantling the massive operation, seizing over a thousand plants.

Warrants were also issued for two more properties in Oakland, resulting in the seizure of nearly 1,000 more plants, as well as for properties in San Francisco, Pinole and Albany.

The warrants were initially issued by the Alameda County District Attorney’s office .The Oakland police department and the Drug Enforcement Agency are working together on the investigation, which is ongoing.