Demographic profile using census data from 2000 to cover the Rockridge/Claremont and Temescal districts of Oakland

Each census district in these neighborhoods had no fewer than (approximately) 2,000 people and no more than 5,000, with the most people in the area bordered by College Avenue to the east, 51st St to the south and the 24 to the west, which is part of the flat section of the Rockridge neighborhood. (At the time there was a total population of 399,484 in the City of Oakland – a census head count).

The population was overwhelmingly white. However, it is interesting to look at how percentages change as the neighborhood flattens out and Telegraph Ave is crossed. For example, in the hilly area above College Ave, out of the 1,910 respondents, 1,581, or 86%, said they were white (one race). To the west of this, and in the flat areas, is a tract that is 72% white. This can be compared with the tract west of that, with Telegraph Ave the border, which is 43% white and 45% black. (These are also looking at respondents who picked “one race,” and the percentages were worked out by me.) At this time Oakland was 35% only black and 31% only white.

In the areas that had the highest “only white” populations, the highest population of non-whites were Asians (again, “only”).

These areas were also older than the City of Oakland results, in a general trend that saw higher white populations coincide with higher median ages for both men and women.